The Furies

Welcome to THE FURIES

Since the 2016 elections, I have felt the Furies circling me. The Iliad invokes them: “…take vengeance on men, whosoever hath sworn a false oath." In Greek myth, the FURIES were tasked with guarding Athens and punishing those who threatened it.

For me, this myth has become entangled with another: Pandora, who opens that famous “box.” It has seemed that impulses recently released may taint our lives far into the future. But remember, not everything escaped when Pandora opened that vessel. Hope remained.

For my own sanity, it was time to go into the studio and create some hope. My studio started to fill with FURIES, gods every one, from the Statue of Liberty to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, they seemed to be getting ready to march.

Like it or not, every day seems to bring new inspiration, and everyday a new Fury comes to the rescue.