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UCSC Porter College Faculty Gallery, The Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery, through March 17, 2018
presented by ARRT, A Santa Cruz Collective

Pajaro Valley Arts, Art to Go! through March 4, 2018
37 Sudden Street, Watsonville, California - 831-722-3062

"Sculpting is a love affair with life."

Peggy Snider is a ceramic sculptor living in Santa Cruz, California. Concerned with the human condition, she lyrically combines spirit and matter. Her work has multiple layers of oxides and glazes applied to the clay before each firing. Her technique of using found-object tools often causes people to mistake the clay for wood, stone or metal.

Man of Conviction

Last autumn my Muse arrived—as it has in the past, when my soul has been troubled. When she appears, I learned that I best not ignore her.

My Muse spoke of “Truth and Justice,” of a country divided, of lies more common than the common cold. I found myself furious... our great but fragile experiment in democracy is under serious threat. Herein lies the essence of THE FURIES.